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STO Ventec Glass

The StoVentec Glass system is bespoke designed to meet the requirements of each project, from the colour and design of the glass panels through to the sub-construction that will hold it in place. Sto can advise on how the StoVentec Glass system can meet the needs of your project. Please get in touch and we will arrange for a Sto Technical Consultant to contact you and discuss your requirements.

The StoVentec Glass system combines a robust, adjustable sub-construction with a glass panel finish, providing both an outstanding appearance and remarkable material properties.

  1. Substrate:

  2. Sub-construction:

    Sto-Stainless Steel Wall Brackets with aluminium horizontal and vertical support profiles Sto-Screw Fixings for timber/steel studwork (subject to structural design), masonry, concrete, brickwork and blockwork

  3. Insulation: Mineral Wool:

  4. Panel Finish:

    StoVentec Glass bespoke composite panel comprising toughened glass adhesively bonded to lightweight carrier board and integral panel carrier profile