United States

STO Ventec Render

Render: blending art, economics, and performance An ideal balance of economics, functionality and creative design is crucial to your choice of facade systems. In this context, the StoVentec Render ventilated rainscreen-cladding system combines particularly good efficiency with broad scope for individual design on new-build or refurbished buildings.

  1. Sub-construction:

    Sub-construction consisting of stainless steel brackets and aluminum T-profiles to fix the carrier boards in place. Anchored in the substrate with dowels approved for general applications by the building inspector.

  2. Insulation:

    Mineral Wool Thermal insulation board made of non-combustible mineral fiber. Thickness variable according to thermal insulation requirements.

  3. Render carrier board:

    StoVentec R carrier board Render Carrier board provides a quick and high-quality solution especially for moist or extreme substrates and combines this with the benefit of a seamless surface. Render Carrier board consists of 95% post consumer recycled glass content. It’s granules are fused together and contains mesh reinforcement on both sides, thickness 12mm.

  4. Reinforcement fibre plaster:

    Sto base coat Ready-to-use bonding and reinforcing compound. Highly expandable, crack resistant, highly resistant to mechanical stress.

  5. Reinforcing mesh:

    Sto reinforcing mesh Alkali-resistant reinforcing mesh, non-shifting with optimized capacity to absorb forces.

  6. Top coat:

    Sto textured finish Cement-free, ready-to-use finishing plasters. Highly weather resistant, minimal susceptibility to soiling, highly elastic, resistant to mechanical stress. Film-conserved far enhanced resistance to micro-organisms.