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Wallshell by Walpanel Inc. - Thermal Panoply™ Panel

Thermal Panoply™is a composite panel system that creatively combines our distinctly powder coated fiber cement board together with class A fire resistant insulation material, i.e. mineral wool, for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, increasing the insulation value of the wall system and improving the performance and appearance of the exterior wall cladding.

One Material, Many Variations in Looks ...

  1. Steel Studs

  2. Sheathing

  3. Vapor Barrier

  4. Adhesive

  5. Ventilation through Oblong

  6. L-profile Supporting Rail

  7. T-profile Panel Clippers

  8. Drainage Plane

  9. Panel Built-in Insulation

  10. Finish Coat on Fiber Cement Panel

  11. Panel Joint Sealant